restlesswings: (travelling coat)

When my heart's aching and is shallow on love,

I gaze to the doves and I find it above.

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Name:Kino 「キノ」
Birthdate:May 12
I sometimes wonder if I’m really just a terrible person. Sometimes I feel like I am. Sometimes, it actually makes sense that I am. Because I can’t change things; or worse—I just tell myself I can’t, so I don’t. But whenever I get like that—feeling terrible, I mean—everything else—the world, the people I meet—it all becomes incredibly beautiful to me. I fall in love with it. That’s why I keep traveling—because I want to experience more. Because sometimes, I get to see some good. Maybe even do some good.

--Kino in The Beautiful World: Book One

  • Gender: traveller personally uses male pronouns, accepts being addressed by either as long as it's done respectfully.
  • Age: 16, but looks much younger due to short stature, round face, and her oversized men's coat
  • Weapons: two Persuaders (guns: The Woodsman, a .22 Colt Woodsman Match Target semiautomatic pistol + The Cannon, a .44 Colt 1851 Navy single action revolver) and an unreasonable number of knives, all concealed on her person.
  • Companions: Hermes, her Motorrad (an advanced, sentient motorcycle capable of speech)

Interests (24):

absolutely not marriage, animals, beauty, birds, books, children, flying, hermes, knives, machines, master, never ending journeys, not shizu's father, not tyranny, peace, persuaders, riku, robots, shishou, shizu?, ti, traveling, travelling, truth
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